Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Flying high....

photos by Robert Archand

The Fidelity Jumper Classic was held last week and as you can see...the Grand Prix was grand in
every sense of the word.

While at the show I met up with a few photographers who's work
you should consider if you'd like to Showcase one of your horses..

Gretchen Almy does beautiful oil and graphite pencil drawings as well as
digital color renditions.

Below is one of Gretchen's graphite drawings which would really be
handsome in an Equine showcase..

Here's No. 6
the Fox Hunting Showcase

With an image of your choice...
housed within a custom round
quilted suede and embroidery
panel frame 26 3/4 x 26 3/4
black clay gold carvings, graphite panels
adorned with fly whips and decorative metal

Because the Showcases use found elements they are essentially
one of kind..

What are you waiting for...? Give Gretchen a call
and let's showcase your horse...

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