Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Do you love what you do?

I do!!

As an artist, I'm always looking to bring unique visual

experiences to people...

Here's Lucy Allen on Prima Magneto having just won her class in the Dressage Pony of the Year competition in New Zealand.!

Kate Peddie is the talent behind the image....

Kate is just one of the International Equine Photographers who's work

will be featured in a Equine Showcase and on display at the Jumper Classic

Sept 15 -19th.

Hampton Falls, N.H.

Kate lives in New Zealand and more of

her photography can be seen at:

What are Equine Showcases?

Equine showcases were created as commissioned fine art investments. They feature

equine imagery that has been adorned with sumptuous materials,

tack and even jewels, all housed within handcrafted period frames.

The format featured below is but one of

the pieces you'll be seeing at the show..

The Classic Hunter/Jumper

Perhaps you too have a favorite horse or event that is worth showcasing?

If so..come take a look at the Jumper Classics or email me
I'd love to hear about it..


  1. thanks pve..
    if the weather is anything like this week..I'll be in heaven..