Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Expecting the best....

A dear friend of mind found this image on a rock while taking a walk... pretty amazing! What
have you found in your life today..?

Problems or solutions?

"If you expect the best, you will be the best. Learn to use one of the most powerful laws in this world; change your mental habits to belief instead of disbelief. Learn to expect, not to doubt. In so doing, you bring everything into the realm of possibility."


  1. I love expecting the best, even when it involves what I like to call a challenge to rise to meet! Just this morning, I spotted a wonderful birdie, wearing red for December!

  2. Might that be a cardinal??
    I think he was probably looking for the snow. I'm expecting
    a white Christmas for all my skiing friends.


  3. The most amazing moon in the sky and the tiniest bird I'd ever seen sitting on the blue feeder outside my window.

  4. I like this post because I'm a firm believer in the power of positive thinking - always have been. I have found that it works on everything from career to health. I forget where I read this a few years back, but there was a study that found that the cells in the body of a person who is happy and in a positive place are physically different and more healthy than those in a person who is depressed or negative in their life. Amazing, isn't it? Though it just makes sense.

    Thanks for your lovely words on my blog, I'm so glad to have found yours!