Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Artful keepsakes.. 15th century appeal...

"That which you elect to surround yourself with
becomes the museum of your soul and the archive of your experiences."
By Thomas Jefferson..

What do you surround yourself with??

These scrolls are created using photographs.. What makes
them come alive is the printing and glazing process..
The process is one dating from the 15th century, when most oil paintings
were composed of an underpainting and then layers of glazes and scrumbles were applied. Glazing is the
process by which a transparent layer of paint is applied
over either a color or a monochromatic ground. Light is then
reflected by the undersurface and modified by the glaze.
As you can see below it gives the image a heighten luster..

Scrolls can be hung from decorative bars..
displayed in shadow boxes..

Here's a scroll I'm working on right now..
A Japanese cut leaf maple from my front yard that
seems to transform itself every minute of the day..

find that image that
you so cherish and send it to me so we can
make it
even more special..


  1. This is such a gorgeous work of art. Amazing.

  2. Ah, I surround myself with talented friends like you who I cherish.
    You have always had an amazing eye for finding beauty and you capture it so well in these scrolls. In person, they are magical.

  3. These scrolls are lovely~ ethereal.
    I try to surround myself with the things I love and positive people.

  4. I think all of these are true for me too.. I look to fill my life with positive people, talented friends, laughter and things I love...


  5. Beautiful images and the words of Thomas Jefferson are so inspiring. I found you thru PVE and look forward to following your blog.
    Jeanne :)