Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Garden elements...

As I had mentioned earlier...my show was outfitted using a variety of
garden elements, most of which I found at Lillian August.
Here's a very simple birdbath that I used that would work
lovely in any type of garden setting due to it's simplicity.

It's cast iron
and has a lovely
patina on it.

I staged the birdbath beneath the image
this is a giclee image printed on Japanese
watercolor paper and then layered
with mixed media and housed in a
metal frame.
If anyone is in the market for a birdbath
and would like to know more about
this one..it's available at Lillian August.


  1. Lovely display of garden elements. I just adore a birdbath and little visitors bathing, sipping and splashing. Your work looks wonderful.

  2. thanks patricia,

    I've been looking to replace a birdbath that broke last year. I just
    loved watching the birds and it really enhanced the garden..