Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Le ballet dans le jardin ...

Alas my show is up...and

will run from March 12 - May 1st.

I've been away from blogging for some time now getting ready for my show..
thus I thought I'd share with you some of what goes into staging
such an event..

First, I choose to transform the gallery into
a garden setting to heighten the experience, which required
painting, getting and making props, lighting etc..

Here's a chandelier from the store
Lillian August that I
used for the front window..

it hangs above
this image which is
about 5'
it's rather dramatic.

On either side of
the image I created tutu's out of
tissue paper, embellishing them
with strands of pearls and paper roses.
You might say it had an organic Channel
look about it.

and they hung from a single strand of
ivy. At the base of each
dress was a simple clay pot
with moss where ballet slippers
were placed..

The muslin ribbon that was at the base of the
tutus was imprinted with the script BELIEVE..
A word I'm sure that goes through ever dancers head
as they enter onto the stage..

At the base of the black and white image was a glass
rectangular table that held a bouquet of fresh flowers
tied up with a satin ribbon as if just thrown at the
dancers feet to suggest BRAVO..

I'll show you the rest of the show
next week..


  1. You have been missed- but look at the results of your work! Oh, to be closer so I might attend. I wish you every success with your show. I will anxiously await the next peek.

  2. Hi Debra,

    Thank you for stopping by..
    It was a labor of love.. and such fun..

    I'm very fortunate for this opportunity as it seems to have
    opened many doors..

    Here's to sharing more images..


  3. e-
    Wow, you have been busy and I am not surprised to see such beauty!
    You know how I love your artistry and magic. I hope to stop by and see you work.

  4. Hi P,

    thank you...I'd love to have you come visit in the garden...
    I'm around..
    give me a call