Thursday, October 8, 2009

Le ballet dans le jardin


Did you know that ballet is one of the oldest artistic expressions. The word ballet is traced to an Italian word, ballare, which means "to dance" and its root are in the banquet-fetes held by the Italian royalty to celebrate special occasions.

These fetes or "feasts" were large parties in which dancing was combined with serving food. Neptune, the ancient god of the sea, and his attendants would bring in the fish course. Diana, goddess of hunting, and her maidens would dance in with a huge platter laden with venison and wild boar to serve the guests. And so the celebration went, on through dessert. Everyone could look and eat at the same time...

Sounds rather spectacular don't you agree?

My most recent collection also celebrates dance and though I'm not a dancer
I am on the board of the Ct. Dance School. I offer "Sittings in a Garden" to the students there. The Ct. Dance School is a non profit organization founded by Elizabeth Gaynor.

Last year I was invited to participate in a wonderful annual fund raiser "Rooms with a View" at the Southport Congregational Church. The theme for 2008 was "Muse and Inspiration" and this was my muse.. One of the senior dancers at the school. I wanted her to look as if she
were at a masquerade..thus she's partially hidden by a dogwood blossom.

If you have the time you should plan to attend this year Nov. 5th -8th. Each year twelve interior designers are selected to create a vignette to reflect the theme of the event. Albert Hadley the esteemed Interior Designer is the honorary co-chair who's charismatic vision inspires all who are involved. The church is transformed for four days with twelve dazzling vignettes and then a marketplace of artisans and artists, it's truly a spectacular holiday event.

My dear friend Patricia vanEssche of PVEdesign will be exhibiting her work in a vignette designed by Eddie Ross. I'm sure it will be worth the trip!! You never know what treasures you'll uncover...


  1. Congrats to you on joining the blog world.

  2. is rather exciting. I've been watching from the side lines for too long now. THanks.

  3. Hello Elizabeth,

    I adore the picture you created, how beautiful.

    I see you are just joining the blog community, welcome. I've found bloggers to be really wonderful.

    Thank you so much for the kind comment at The Attic .. girl after my own heart, yes please to the cab mmmm :)

    Thank you so much for adding DJ's to your reading list.

    Lovely day to you,

  4. beautiful photos - the muse and the sundial ballerina - we met briefly about two years ago - patricia introduced us at the funky coffee shop in fairfield - i hope to make it to rooms with a view this weekend - i participated as an artisan about 10 years ago

  5. Yes..I remember our visit. You should try and visit "Rooms with a View"
    it's always a fun outing.

    and thank you for your kind comments. I'm enjoying the process...

  6. Love your photos...they remind me in some ways of my paintings.